trailer of lights, austin on the rocks, the lunch deal, and much more


peached tortilla fans - A lot of exciting things are going on this month of December.  A quick rundown is in store as Austinites continue to get peached!

Trailer of Lights.

The first annual Trailer of Lights festival is being held Saturday, December 18th from 12PM-10PM at the Seaholm Power Plant off Cesar Chavez just west of the Warehouse District.  Tiffany Harelik of the Trailer Food Diaries fame is one of the key event producers.  (Is Tiffany behind everything trailer related in this town?)  The festival will try to rekindle memories of the original Austin "Trail of Lights" festival.  A number of prominent food trucks will be participating, including yours truly and Austin Daily Press from TheGreat Food Truck Race.  Additionally, local artisans will be present to sell some of their fine product.  For more information, visit or

Austin on the Rocks.

Wednesday night I was greeted with a pleasant surprise at our UT-West Campus location when Cathi Rustmann, founder of visited the peached tortilla.  Cathi and I discussed a project she was working on involving her website and food trucks/trailers.  She also told me that she was working on a blog article about the peached tortilla.  You can find it here: .  It's always great to chat with other small business owners pursuing their dream.'s even better to feed them!  Cathi took home food for not only herself, but her daughter Taylore and Taylore's friends.  Thanks again for stopping by Cathi!

The Lunch Deal.

For those that missed it (and slept through Thursday), we were the featured deal on The Lunch Deal (  The Lunch Deal offered an $8 for $4 deal which was a hit on the site.  A quick note to peached tortilla fans: the deal must be redeemed within 60 days.  So come by and try our newest menu items (descriptions to follow below).

New Menu Items.

As many of you have probably heard (or tasted), we rolled out two new specials to our menu this week.  They are a product of the culinary genius of both Executive Chef, Louis Cantu, and Creative Consulting Chef/Chef, Doug Johnson.  Louis is a master in execution and Doug is a true creative genius.  The first new menu item is a pad thai taco (chicken or tofu), served with a traditional pad thai sauce, bean sprouts, green onions and a lime wedge.  This taco is literally off the chain! We almost sold out last night.  (A quick note: the tofu pad thai taco is not vegetarian.)  The second special is a deep fried wonton stuffed with a banana nutella mix topped with a cajeta (Mexican caramel) cream sauce.  The description speaks for itself!  Make sure to swing by and try these new menu items.

Star Bar.

One final note...many of our fans don't know that we do in fact offer seating at our Star Bar post up.  We have partnered with Star Bar to serve food both to our fans and Star Bar customers (and of course, the two are not mutually exclusive).  Star Bar offers covered, outdoor patio seating with heat lamps and indoor seating.  Oh yea, there's HD flat screens both inside and outside to boot.