A Letter From A Dreamer: Joining The Food Truck Revolution


In May of 2009, I sat in my St. Louis apartment with an idea for a food concept that I believed would satisfy an unsatisified niche.  A concept which was innovative and different but still familiar to most Americans.  After a few days of contemplation, I took pen to paper and began pounding out a business plan to figure out how I could bring to life such a food concept.  Practicing law had begun to wear on me, and I needed an outlet which would satisfy my thirst for creativity and entrepreneurialism.  The peached tortilla was born, but in between that fruitful day in May to this point, there have been plenty of peaks and valleys.  In fact, it has been nothing short of a roller coaster with the dream nearly disappearing on multiple occasions.  I have learned that while its easy to have a great idea, its not so easy to act on that idea and turn it into something meaningful.  However, nearly 16 months later, after a 180 degree career change and a move South, I am grateful to see the launch of the peached tortilla.  Less than two months ago I was drafting legal briefs in my office and now I will be serving food out of a mobile truck; life is weird, but then again, so is Austin.

My hope is that my passion for this business and this concept shines through in the peached tortilla; that it is visible in every minute detail down to the smallest ingredient in our dipping sauces.  I strongly believe that great food can make a person's day better, and I draw real excitement from knowing that this concept has the potential to do just that.  I have collaborated with our extremely talented chef, Timothy Fowler, for countless hours, perfecting our menu in order to put out a tremendous product.  I believe that we have succeeded.

I could not be happier to launch this concept in Austin, a free spirited city with a distinct personality and a thirst for helping small businesses grow.  My hope is that one day the peached tortilla can mold itself as part of this city's identity.  Until then, we will prepare to serve Austin in six short days.  I hope to see you soon.

- Eric Silverstein, founder