do you play to win, or play not to lose?


It's one of the oldest adages in sports.  Do you play to win or do you play not to lose?  There's a subtle difference and if you fall by way of the latter you may be headed down the road of mediocrity.  The great teams in sports believe in their identity and process - their system to win games - and stick to it.  By contrast, the mediocre teams waver, unsure of which direction will lead to success.  They instead straddle the fence.  Instead of "yes" or "no," they answer "maybe." So what does this have to do with food?  Well, I bring this mantra up because I use it as a guideline for what  I strive for with the peached tortilla.  We play to win, and by win I mean sticking to our identity and putting the best possible product we can out to the public.  In the coming weeks we will slowly roll out some new menu items which will only strengthen our overall product offerings.  In addition, we have a few tweaks in store which will continue the ascent of our core menu items.  I don't believe in rampant change; but I believe in change for the purposes of constant improvement.  For the purposes of being bold and following in the identity we have carved out for ourselves.  It's either that or straddle the fence...and who wants to play not to lose?


On a separate note, we have a new Thursday lunch location at the Arboretum Complex, 9442 N. Capital of TX Highway.  If you are in the Arboretum area, be sure to check us out this Thursday from 11:00AM-1:30 PM.   Additionally, we are also extending our Thursday night hours at our UT-West Campus location until 11PM.  So for our UT fans, make sure to swing by before you head out for the night to 6th St.

Until next time,