"into the wild": part two

A quick schedule update before I get to other important news.  This Saturday we will be serving at Star Bar during the UT football game.  It's an 11 AM CT start, so get ready to get your taco munch on early on Saturday.  We'll be open until 3 PM, and then we'll be back at it late night from 7 PM-3AM. Our fourth week of operation is staring us in the face and a quick recap of our past two weeks is in order.  Already, I think we have some of the best customers anyone could ask for.  I have received numerous emails from people who went out of their way to contact me directly regarding how excited and happy they were with our product.  Specifically, the good people of the Texas Workforce Commission have engaged me in communication aplenty.  My main man Kent was already waiting for our truck to arrive this past Tuesday before we could open our doors.  Kent has instructed me that a lunch date with his wife at the peached tortilla is in order.  And then there's Denise, who thinks I may have a career in waiting as a writer.  Denise, I am happy to pitch the first edition of the "Food Truck Diaries" to any publisher who wants to listen.  Finally, I need to at least mention Maureen, whose thoughtful email brightened my night at quarter to midnight Thursday when I got home to read it.  These people know good food when it hits them; amen to that.

This entry would not be complete without also mentioning a loyal Star Bar customer, Brittany, who stopped by late Saturday night after she informed us she missed us on Sunday the week before after she tried to catch us for brunch (we were closed).  Brittany informed me that she liked our food so much that she wanted to place an order so that she could eat the tacos the next day for brunch.  Who could blame her?  While waiting for her food, Brittany also engaged us in the story of how she met her boyfriend, who was also at the truck, (I'm confident this was her boyfriend but it was never confirmed) at the University of Cincinnati.  It should be noted I asked her how she met him; she wasn't just throwing it out there.  I would encourage everyone to find Brittany and ask her for this story - it's pretty fantastic and I got a kick out of it.  Brittany, thank you so much for your patronage - it is customers like you that make all of this worth my while.

Until next time,