A New Era in Austin Catering


As we turn the page into 2014, we believe the demand for unique and stylized Austin catering options will only continue to grow. In a city that has consistently embraced its unique playfulness, it was only a matter of time before the food and beverage industry followed suit.

We like to think of ourselves as a brand that embraces that culture but still manages to be both accessible and approachable. Tired of the same old passed appetizers? We offer contemporary eats such as our Hawaiian pork belly or Asian pear bites. Want a modern take on a traditional side item? We can serve your guests deep fried brussels sprouts tossed in our homemade bacon jam.

Our modern takes on food also extend into the types of service options we offer. We can take one of our two branded food trucks out to your event to offer your guests the option to order appetizers or main entrees from. Alternatively, we offer the more traditional options of plated or buffet service. And of course, we can always just bring the truck out just for "show" to provide that Austin vibe.

Fore more information on our catering services, you can visit our catering page.