Where Are Austin Food Trucks Trending?


As Austin continues to grow and the nation recovers from the Great Recession, construction has started to pick up on empty lots within the city.  As a result of this increased construction and resulting diminished space, we have seen the vibrant food truck and trailer scene take a hit.  Simply put, prime lot space has become a hotter than hot commodity.  Already we have seen closures of the East Side Drive-In and 2nd & Congress food trailer park downtown, with the impending closure of the widely recognized South Congress trailer park in late March lurking in the background.  All of this begs the question, in what direction are Austin food trucks trending? The question is not answered with a simple "yes" or "no."  While the food truck scene may struggle to grow in the near future due to a lack of space and prime real estate, Austin food trucks are built into the fabric of the city.  Austin is proud of its food truck scene and a majority in the city embrace it.  So long as the demand for the product delivered by Austin food trucks remains, the industry will continue to thrive.  Examples of this demand include the private catering for events which Austin food trucks are utilized for.  Wedding, corporate event, and luncheon catering are just a few areas where food trucks have served their delicious and unique eats.  Having an "Austin-y" wedding now includes catering by a food truck.  What better way to enhance the curb appeal of an event?

Austin food trucks will always have to hustle to survive, especially with the saturation in the marketplace.  However, where one revenue stream door closes, other ones will open.  As long as Austin food trucks are woven into the fabric of the city, there will always be a place for them.